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Meet Your Lash Educators!

lash envy pro lash educators

Get to know your lash educators, Angela Kennedy, Rosie Lewis, Bethan Lewis, McKenna Breen & Kat Coyles!

We find so much joy on training day, not only because we get to teach a skill that we are so incredibly passionate about and want to share with the world, but because we get to meet our beautiful students who come from all walks of life and each have their own journey and path that have lead them to our Academy. We love that we get to be part of your story and success! 

But, what about our (your educators) stories and journeys? As much as we love to share our knowledge in lashes and business, we love to share how we got to where we are today, in hopes that we can inspire, motivate or resonate with you. 


Angela Kennedy

“What started off as a side hustle has become 5 salons, 40 staff, a Professional Training academy, an online international lash supplies business, and a multi million dollar lash empire.


My greatest achievement; helping other women in my business achieve their personal and financial goals.”

Founder & CEO of Lash Envy Melbourne and Lash Envy Pro, Angela Kennedy’s roots run deep in the industry, nearing 15 years of experience. She has witnessed the industry's early stages, the birth and rise within the Australian market, along with the changes and developments that have followed since – from home salons to the success of commercial salons, developments in techniques & styles and the evolution and quality of products & supplies. The best part of it all, the market remains open to more growth on our little continent and there is so much more room for new Lash Artists to join us in this industry! It may feel as though we are riddled with Lash Artists, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In 2008 Angela left her corporate career as a State Sales Manager for GHD, to move to Ireland and marry the love of her life! After struggling to find a job due to the hard hit of the GFC and wanting to earn some money to help pay for groceries, she discovered Lash Extensions. Having never seen them in real life and at a time where it was mostly unknown and such a foreign concept, she took the leap and began her training in Dublin.

In 2009 Angela and her husband made the move back to Melbourne. She set up her lash business from home, soon discovering she was pregnant. She lashed throughout her pregnancy and returned to lashing 28 days after welcoming her son! As word got around about these “lash extensions”, Angela became so booked out that in order to keep up with the demand she began training others to join her and work for her at her home salon.

In 2012 things were getting a little crowded in her home and so the first ever Lash Envy Melbourne Salon opened its doors in Oakleigh, being one of the first commercial lash salons in Melbourne. What followed was even bigger than Angela had initially imagined, with a second salon opening in 2016 in Ascot Vale with Kryshina, Hampton in 2019, Berwick in 2020 and Mount Eliza to open in 2023.

As 2020 rolled around, the world was hit by the global pandemic, but this was not going to hold back Angela or her determination and passion to help others. While this global crisis was tragically the death to a lot of businesses, this was the birth of Angela’s next chapter! With more time on her hands than she had ever experienced and her brain ticking away, she developed Lash Envy Pro. What started as an international lash supplies business, quickly turned into a sell-out Lash Academy when she combined her passion for education and empowering women. 

Since 2009, Angela has trained hundreds upon hundreds of other people in lashes and continues to do so. She also regularly joins her team on the salon floor providing her clients with flawless lashes & brows. This also plays a big part in her ability to provide the utmost quality in her training, as she still practices what she preaches & remains relevant with the latest trends, techniques and client demands.


Rosie Lewis

“I absolutely love the feeling of being a part of the Lash Envy family, from being a student myself before being fortunate enough to work at the Oakleigh Salon, become a Lash Master in record time, to now being a part of the management team and an LEP trainer. I am so excited and grateful for the opportunities Lash Envy has given me! 


I love passing on the knowledge and experience I have to others who share the same passion of helping people feel beautiful. I love seeing how together we can empower women and help them feel absolutely beautiful. My favourite moments are when clients first see themselves in the mirror after a makeover.”

Having dipped her toes in other career pathways, Rosie always knew that something was missing, having a huge passion for beauty Rosie started off her journey at Lash Envy in 2021 as a student at the Lash Envy Academy. Rosie quickly worked her way up and become a Lash Master in record time and has since joined the management team at Lash Envy Oakleigh and became a LEP trainer. Now she is giving her passion for lashing, teaching and helping people feel beautiful to you. 

Rosie is known for her bubbly personality and very welcoming nature, there is never a boring moment when she is around and she will be sure to make you feel welcome and special. Rosie believes that anyone can achieve anything, especially if you put your mind to it. Rosie is extremely patient and a strong leader, which makes her the perfect educator. She always gives the best advice and quickly adapts to ensure that you receive the best training suited to you.

Always having the support of her incredible husband that she met at the young age of 19, she feels empowered to chase her dreams early in life and now has her own family of two dogs, one cat and a beautiful daughter.


Bethan Lewis

"Being a Lash Artist is such a rewarding career. Coming to work every day and making women feel their best is an incredible feeling. I absolutely love having first time clients and transforming their confidence with a new set of lashes or brows. Seeing people smile because of something you did is an amazing feeling!


Educating and sharing my skill with others is so fulfilling, I love seeing women shine and reach their goals and I love that I get to be part of their journey in reaching for the stars."

Originally trained as a Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist, Bethan discovered where her true passion was, in Lashes and Brows. Beth’s lash journey began 5 years ago at the age of 21 when she joined our salon at Lash Envy Melbourne Oakleigh, within a year she was part of the management team and has been a salon 2IC for 4 amazing years.

Beth is not shy of a word and loves to have a chat! What makes her such a brilliant educator is the way she also listens to her clients and students. If you have visited the Lash Envy Melbourne salon and been lucky enough to get beautiful lashes and brows by her, you would know that she is incredibly bubbly, approachable & down to earth. Beth has a heart of gold and encourages her students to strive to be the best Lash Artist they can be, always offering support and sharing valuable advice!

Her knowledge is incomparable and as a salon leader and mentor to both experienced and inexperienced Lash & Brow Artists, educating and inspiring future lash artists comes as second nature to Beth, she is a natural trainer!


 McKenna Breen

"Training is all about welcoming people into our family. I love watching women grow in their skill set but also watching them discover that lashing is so much more than that! I still see clients today who were there on my first day on the salon floor. It’s all about the relationships you build. The beauty industry has so much for everyone and these skills you gain everyday are setting you up for a lifetime of success."

As a qualified beauty therapist with what McKenna thought would be a career devoted to skincare, her life would be changed forever that day she picked up her first pair of tweezers in 2019. From that moment on, it was game over and her true calling would be shown to her. Her shift into lashes and brows changed her life forever and a new career path was paved.

In 2019 McKenna trained with Lash Envy Melbourne and joined Kryshina at her Ascot Vale salon, working her way up from Lash Junior to Salon Manager in little to no time! McKenna's curious mind is constantly pushing herself and her team to evolve and grow, making her a natural educator. She is always on top of new Lash and Brow trends and techniques, going above and beyond to give her clients and students the best of her and her knowledge. Although McKenna has been lashing for a short time in comparison to our other educators, her natural grasp of the skill and industry is not to be downplayed! Along with her strong leadership skills, McKenna is lashing proof that the number of years of experience sometimes can’t compare to the commitment, drive, and passion to excel and create brilliant work.

Lashes, brows & education is just one part of McKenna’s heart, the other part lies with her husband and beautiful baby girl Carter, as well as her family who are across the globe in Southern California! Her career as a Lash & Brow Artist has provided her with endless opportunities and flexibility, she has achieved all of this and more in raising her family, renovating her home & managing a busy salon, proving that there truly are no limits on what we do!


Kat Coyles

“I love learning from empowering people and the women at Lash Envy have really stood out for me, I can’t wait to see where this next chapter of being an LEP trainer takes me!


Educating people and sharing my knowledge is an extremely rewarding feeling to me. I love to see the smile on people's faces when the information finally kicks in and makes sense to them, getting to witness that lightbulb moment!” 

Beauty is in her bones! Kat’s career in the beauty industry kicked off in 2012 through her studies in beauty therapy, where she went on to build her home salon business. In 2017, in an effort to level up her beauty game & add to her skillset she studied hairdressing. This cracked open the doors for her, gaining an opportunity to work for an industry leading hair company where she grew a new skill and her confidence in sales, advising on products to cater to individual’s needs. She didn’t know it then, but this would then carry on into a new part of her life, at Lash Envy Melbourne!

Feeling as though she was lacking something, Kat soon discovered that "something" was being hands on in beauty again, servicing clients and making them feel beautiful in their own skin! The day she received the call from Lash Envy Melbourne to join the family as a Junior Artist, her life changed completely. Since 2020 a lot has changed for Kat, growing and flourishing into a valuable member of our team as a Salon Manager & now an LEP approved educator.

Kat is a powerful educator & has been a brilliant mentor to many Lash Artists throughout her years with Lash Envy Melbourne, helping women go from strength to strength as a Lash Junior to Lash Master on our salon floors. If you are one of our lucky students to be trained by Kat, you will absolutely nail your training day and ability to Lash! Her patience and beautiful skill add to her natural ability to educate absolutely anybody! Kat loves to share her knowledge and her bubbly personality always finds its way to building strong connections with her clients & students!

When Kat isn’t creating a killer set of lashes or brows or showing others how to, she is spending her time with her son & partner, as well as preparing for the exciting arrival of her second little one in May 2023!


Want to learn all about Lashes, starting your own lash business or complete refresher with our Lash educators and Melbourne's leading Lash Extension training?

Join us today! Click here for more information or to enrol into our next Classic and Premade Volume Lash course, or our Handmade Volume Lash Mastery course. 


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