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Envy Adhesive

Envy Adhesive

Are you an intermediate to advanced Lash Artist who requires quick dry time, low fumes and insanely amazing retention? Look no further, Envy adhesive is the answer! Specially formulated to dry within 1-2 seconds, Envy Adhesive can be used for volume and classic applications.


  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced Lash Artists
  • 1 to 2 second dry time
  • Suitable for volume & classic applications
  • 6+ weeks retention
  • Optimal Humidity 40-70%
  • Optimal Temp 18-28 C
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Very Black
  • Available in 5ml
Understanding your adhesive
Your environment will impact the way your glue performs:
  • The higher the humidity and temperature of your environment, the faster your glue will dry.
  • The lower your humidity and temperature of your environment, the slower your glue will dry.
  • We recommend using an air conditioner to adjust your room environment to achieve the desired results you require.
  • We recommend to use Envy Adhesive within 2 months of opening or if unopened within 6 months of purchase.

- For the ultimate retention be sure to shake your adhesive for at least one minute before use or use our Glue Shaker for 5 seconds. 
- Once opened, use within 2 months.
- For the ultimate retention be sure to use Ammunition Superbonder within 2 minutes of lash treatment.
- Store upright with cap closed and preferably in an air tight container such as our Glue House.
-Be sure to wipe your adhesive nozzle with our Adhesive Wipes after each use to prevent your glue from becoming blocked.

 SDS for Envy Adhesive is available to download here

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