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Becoming a confident Lash Artist at the Lash Envy Pro Academy!

Becoming a confident Lash Artist at the Lash Envy Pro Academy!

Becoming a Lash Artist is truly is a rewarding and fulfilling career path for so many reasons! Want to know more? Keeping reading to learn more about our Academy and how to become a successful Lash Artis. 


Why Lash Envy Pro Academy?

What makes us different from other Lash courses? We keep our intakes limited, providing small class sizes at a maximum of 4 students. We intentionally do this to provide "quality over quantity", this way Angela can spend enough time with each student to perfect their technique and provide adequate training. Our training is quite hands-on, we don't use mannequin heads at all, we only train on live models so that students are getting a realistic experience from the very beginning. We are always here to support you on your journey! Your guidance doesn't end when you leave our Lash Course, you are always welcome to reach out for some words of advice. 

Why become a Lash Artist? 

The skills of Lash Artistry will stick with you for a lifetime! No matter where you go in life, you will always have this and be able to find work! If your dream is to travel, you could find employment in other salons around the world, you can work from the comfort of your own home or open your very own salon. As a school/Uni student, it is an incredible career path. If you have the option to create a small space at home for a home salon, or rent a chair in another salon, it is a flexible career that you can mould around your life. If you are currently studying, you are able to choose your own hours & still earn a generous income.

What can I earn as a Lash Artist?

This varies based on your experience and how often you choose to work. At a minimum and in the beginning, you could expect to earn $50,000 a year.

Who can become a Lash Artist?

Absolutely anyone! Our Academy accepts students of all ages. Whether this is something you are just considering and you have never lashed a day in your life, or if you are wanting to attend our Academy as part of a refresher, the Lash Envy Pro Academy is for you. 

How do I become a Lash Artist?

Our Academy runs once a month on a Friday for a certified one-day intensive course. We also give students the opportunity to return 6 weeks later to sit down again with Angela for a 1 on 1 assessment so she can see your progress and give personal feedback on your work. Our Classic Lash course provides all the information you need to confidently leave & start your own business. Upon completion of your Classic Lash Course, students can enrol into our Volume Lash Mastery course where Angela teaches the art of Handmade Volume fans. 

What will I learn?

The Lash Envy Pro Classic course, is a beginner’s course & designed for those who are interested in becoming a Lash Artist & starting their own business. It is an introductory into safe Lash application & removal, as well as all the fundamentals and foundations required to confidently leave the Academy and become a successful Lash Artist, whether that is within one of our Lash Envy Melbourne Salons, or your very own business. 


  • When you complete the Classic Lash course at our Academy & you then enrol into our Volume Mastery course, as a past student you will receive $100 off the Volume course.
  • If you are an existing & regular client at one of our Lash Envy Melbourne Salons, you will receive $100 off your initial training with us.
  • If you are currently a student, studying in high school, University or TAFE, we now offer a 15% student discount on our enrolments!
  • Students receive a lifetime discount of 20% off Lash Envy Pro products & supplies (excludes bundles & already reduced items)

*When enrolling into our Academy and any of these incentives apply to you, only one incentive (per course) will be considered for your enrolment.


Our course kits contain all Lash Envy Pro tools & supplies, which we use across all of our Melbourne Salons. Your kit won't be used on the day as we supply absolutely everything you need so that your glues, lashes, and everything is unopened and ready to use on your very own clients. 

We have added the option to enrol without a kit supplied. Of course, if you are looking to start a career as a Lash Artist, you can still choose to enrol without the kit, however we would highly recommend including it as you will receive a big discount on the supplies provided, giving you a head start in your journey. Again, even if you choose not to include a kit, we will still provide everything you need on the day! 


Want to be part of an amazing Lash family & join our A-team?! 
We cherry pick a large number of our employees through the Academy, giving the unbelievable opportunity to work as a Junior Lash Artist in one of our salons & build up to a Master Lash Artist. Joining the Lash Envy Melbourne family opens the doors to a world of opportunities, not only are you coming to work every day surrounded by a beautiful, empowering & supportive group of women, you’re joining an incredibly rewarding environment. You will have the opportunity to level up and achieve so much more by learning multiple beauty services including Brows (our Brow Envy Makeover & Brow Laminations) & Lash Lifts, with further training opportunities and potential to keep growing. 

🖤 🖤 🖤

📍 Newly renovated Academy in the heart of Oakleigh
🛒 Afterpay, Zippay & Payment Plans Available

As we only take on a small amount of students, our intakes are limited. Contact us today about your enrolment!


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