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Maximise your Lash retention with these 5 simple steps and tips!

Maximise your Lash retention with these 5 simple steps and tips!

We all know that when your Lash retention is strong, so is your client retention. But how do you improve that and why is it so important? 

Our fellow Lash Artists, here are our Top 5 tips and advice on how to increase your Lash retention!


Ace your base, prep your Lashes!

Preparation is essential for your lashes to attach in the first place! Extensions and Lash Adhesive will not stick to dirty lashes! 

This goes for makeup or no makeup. If your client hasn’t been wearing makeup but is coming in for their appointment at the end of the day, there will still be a natural build up of dirt and oils from throughout the day or even from their skincare!

 Our tips on how to ace your base, make sure you have an oil free makeup remover for your clients to use. Wiping around the under eye with the remover will even help your lint free under eye pads stay in place and not unstick. Prime the lashes with a good quality Lash Primer! Prior to priming, you could even offer your clients lashes a little lash bath with an extension safe lash shampoo



Lash Glues & Adhesive…

Firstly, your actual bottle of adhesive should be stored correctly. Ideally, using an airtight adhesive glue house is recommended. When it comes to throwing away the bottle and opening a brand new adhesive, generally it is anywhere from 4-8 weeks but always check on the bottle and date the bottle when you open it. For Lash Envy Pro Adhesives (Boss, Envy & Guilty) we recommended using within 2 months once opened. 

Change your glue dot! This really depends on your environment and lash adhesive that you’re using. Generally speaking you should dot another glue onto your Jade Stone or Rose Quartz stone approximately every 15-20 minutes. From the time that your adhesive bottle is opened, moisture is already getting into there and affecting the strength of your adhesive. If you can see that the glue dot is becoming thicker and stingy and your Lash Extensions aren’t quite attaching like they should be, it’s time to dot another bit of lash glue!

Look after your adhesive. They are precious, pricey and definitely one thing you don’t want to skimp out on! As mentioned, storing them correctly is one thing but make sure you are also “burping” and cleaning them with an adhesive nozzle wipe. It’s incredibly important that you are shaking your lash adhesive adequately. The Lash Envy Pro Glue Shaker is a serious game changer! 




It’s not just the work we’re doing, having lashes takes work on the clients behalf as well!

Lashes are a luxury and deserve the at home TLC to make sure that A) they look pretty and B) your lashes and eyes remain healthy! 

It is in the clients best interest to take care of them for so many reasons! But it is our role as a Lash Artist to ensure we are correctly and adequately educating our clients on lash health and aftercare. Regardless if this is the first time the client is coming to see you, or they have had lashes a million times before, at the end of your service you should ALWAYS reiterate the Lash Aftercare. 

Other ways we can do this, is to provide a Lash Aftercare card to give to your clients after their service, have an email or text template set up to send out as a follow up, or a page on your website or instagram with Aftercare tips.

It is also a great idea (for you and your clients) to offer a Lash Shampoo and Lash brushes at your salon for clients to purchase from you! 

Place those pretty lashes…correctly. 

Placement can be key! You need to be brushing and checking your lashes throughout the lash extension application. If we are continuously brushing, any loose lashes will come off during the process and we will be able to replace them then and there, avoiding disappointment to the client if they were to leave and see those loose lashes coming out. 

Be cautious of the angle you are placing the Volume Lash Fan or Classic Lash on. For the correct placement, the extension needs to be parallel to the lash, avoiding placing on an angle. If the lash extension base is not attached, it will simply just pop off the natural lash, or be slightly lifted which can cause irritation to the client. 

Finish off your set strong…

Lastly, our secret weapon. It isn’t a lash fan or a nano-mister, it is our Ammunition Super Bonder! This liquid gold does so many amazing things and is part of our Lash routine in our Lash Envy Melbourne Salons. 

You only require the smallest amount, applied to a micro brush, then run it along the lash line where the adhesive is. By doing this, you are speeding up the process and curing the lash adhesive from the inside out without shock curing the lash glue. It is also amazing because it reduces the adhesive fumes and causes no irritation to your clients eyes, increases lash retention by up to 30%, can be used under any conditions and on any lash set (Classic, Pro/Pre/Handmade Volume), Protects the adhesive bond so that the extensions will last longer and finally, it makes the adhesive bond more flexible so our clients lashes are less prone to breakage. 

But here’s the real kicker and our absolute FAVOURITE part, your Lashes will be set within minutes and be waterproof. So we can all say “Adios” to the words “Please keep your lashes dry for the next 24 hours”.


These products get 5 stars from us (and 100's of other Artists)!

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Lash Super Bonder - Our secret to lash retention & our final touch in salon!

Lash Super Bonder - Our secret to lash retention & our final touch in salon!

Becoming a confident Lash Artist at the Lash Envy Pro Academy!

Becoming a confident Lash Artist at the Lash Envy Pro Academy!


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