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Pro Glue Shaker

Professional Glue Shaker

Don't underestimate the importance of thoroughly shaking your lash glue! Experiencing problems with retention? The way you mix your glue might be the reason. 

FACT: you need to shake your glue vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes every time you use it (unless you're using our shaker, then it's only 3 seconds)!

Tired of shaking your glue all day every day between each client? We don't blame you! The old fashioned manual way of shaking your glue doesn't guarantee perfect results either. To achieve best results, Lash Envy recommend to always use a Glue Shaker.


  • Thoroughly mixed glue will guarantee retention
  • 3 secs compared to 1 min mixing time
  • Spend more time lashing
  • No wrist strain
  • Be more professional
  • Glue is less likely to be stuck in the nozzle
  • Super easy and quick to assemble
  • Stylish, compact & light weight design
  • Choose between white or black colours

    How to use
    1. Insert the lid of your adhesive into the correct sized rubber holder
    2. Make sure the lid is secure
    3. Hold the shaker so that the adhesive is the right way up
    4. Press the power button and allow the adhesive to spin for 3 to 5 seconds
    5. Gently squeeze the rubber to break the vacuum seal
    6. Gently pull adhesive out of rubber holder

    Please note
    -2 x AAA Batteries required (not included)
    -Glue Sold Separately

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